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U.S. Medical Group Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services does U.S. Medical Group offer?

U.S. Medical Group owns and operates modular and mobile on site surgery centers that serve the corrections industry. Our modular surgery center is 5,400 square feet and contains 4 operating rooms; 2 for elective surgery and 2 endoscopy suites. Our mobile surgery center is situated on a 53-foot tractor-trailer with expandable sides creating a facility in excess of 1,100 square feet, comparable to the size of freestanding operating rooms. The mobile facility includes pre-op and post-op suites, as well as a 400 square foot operating room area.

In addition, U.S. Medical Group provides registered nurses, operating room supervisors, surgical technicians, and non-medical staff for its mobile surgery facilities. At the end December 2000, U.S. Medical Group has performed over 7,000 non-emergency elective cases at significant cost savings to the respective state governments and its constituents.

What solutions does U.S. Medical Group provide?

In addition to surgery fee cost avoidance, U.S. Medical Group eliminates the need for elective surgery medical escorts to local hospitals who perform such procedures. Related expenses such as accompanying officer's wages, fuel, mileage and vehicle wear and tear are totally eliminated with the implementation of the mobile surgery concept. Furthermore, the mobile surgery unit keeps the inmate on site, eliminating escape risk and increasing security as fewer officers are needed for medical escort.

What is the company's Target Market?

U.S. Medical Group contracts with state departments of correction as well as managed care companies that service the corrections industry. Our sound business model, proven results and compliance to general population rules and regulations add instant value to correctional facilities and subsequent caregivers.

Who are your competitors?

U.S. Medical Group is the only company to be awarded a department of corrections contract of any kind to perform elective surgery.

How does the Mobile Surgery Unit differ from a hospital or free standing surgery center?

The only difference is its mobility. U.S. Medical Group adheres to the same standards as any hospital facility or freestanding center conforms to. Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Utilization Review and AORN recommended practices are strictly abided.

What is U.S. Medical Group's background?

U.S. Medical Group's Board of Directors has over 65 years of surgical and professional medical experience. CEO Dr. Thomas F. Winters, M.D. is a well known orthopaedic surgeon with 20 years surgery experience. Dr. Winters has worked with various departments of corrections his entire career. COO Sandy Thompson, RN, LHRM, has 20 years of surgery experience as well. Ms. Thompson handpicks the surgery staff ensuring first rate professionalism and ability. As controlling interest of Basset Medical, Dr. Lee Adler, M.D. has worked in corrections medicine for over a dozen years, and is a founding partner of U.S. Medical Group. President, Director and former Florida state Senator Richard Langley has been invaluable regarding interaction with state government officials. Mr. Langley's ability to sell the value of U.S. Medical Group to state decision-makers is a tremendous attribute.

What is the U.S. Medical growth strategy?

U.S. Medical Group will grow its core mobile surgery business within the corrections healthcare industry. The company will benefit from a significant inmate growth rate projection coupled with the expansion its sound mobile surgery business model. In addition to direct relationships with various state decision-makers, the company will interface with corrections managed care firms who currently facilitate elective surgery logistics in most venues. Strategic alliances between U.S. Medical Group and managed corrections care will save taxpayer dollars, decrease escape risk, increase security all while providing the highest degree of care possible. U.S. Medical Group's vast experience and success positions the company for substantial corrections industry growth in the near future.

How does U.S. Medical Group differ?

U.S. Medical Group is a unique company in many ways. Aside from operating as the sole provider of mobile surgery facilities, the company's business opportunities are immune to an economic downturn that has adverse effects on many other businesses and industries.



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