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The implementation and deployment of on site modular and mobile surgical suites has been discussed by the medical profession since the inception of freestanding ambulatory surgical units. The mobile surgery suite concept adds immediate value to the corrections health services indusrty through case fee reduction and transportation cost avoidance as inmates stay at the facility for surgery. In the abscence of a moblie unit, inmates are escorted to local community hospitals for surgery. A dangerous and costly process. The mobile surgery solution saves millions of taxpayer dollars and increases public safety.

The U.S. Medical Group objective was to provide an operating room suite equal to, if not superior to, any freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Center ("ASC")or hospital O.R. in size and quality. In addition, the unit is supplied with state of the art medical equipment and technology. The size of the actual working areas, including pre-op, post-op and the O.R. itself exceeds 1,000 square feet, as large as many hospital O.R.'s.


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